would you like to appear on the gesso blog?

If you're a member of GESSO and wish to be featured on the blog, please fill in this questionnaire and I will strive to showcase your blog and artwork on the GESSO blog and social media. It is essentially an interview with you that I will take elements of and and turn into a post so please give as much information as you can and be as chatty as you like.

It will take over 10 minutes to complete so please be aware of this before starting. Please note: your answers and any information you provide here will be used to write a blog post. By completing and sending this form you agree to allow me to do that. Application is first come first served and being featured is entirely discretionary.


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Describe what you do for our readers. Are you professional or do it for a hobby? Where are you based? What mediums and subjects do you use? What are you known for?
Why do you have a blog? How does it serve you creatively? What do you offer to the public through you're blog? Blogging goals? Blogging awards?
Who influences you? What creatives/blogs/websites inspire you? Who are you a fan of?
What tips would you give to a beginner on getting into your field or creating their own blog? What do you wish you had known before starting?
Why did you join GESSO? What do you need or hope to achieve by joining the group and why should others join it?
What projects or achievements in your field have you been particularly proud of? Why? What made them hard or special? What did you learn? Who helped you?
What do you hope to achieve in the next year? Where is your creativity taking you?
What's your daily/weekly/monthly creative routine? What's your work process like? What about your work place? Any recommendations on how to stay focused and organised?
Favourite books, products, courses or tools. What can't you live without and highly recommend?
What do you do outside of your creativity? What other hobbies do you have? What's real life like for you? What other interests influence your work?
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