gesso: primed creatives blogging challenge 2018 - 2019

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Described as 'Insane', 'A masterpiece' and 'My favourite thing, even before my very own children' (I've possibly made those up) our blogging challenge is going to inspire and push you to create some amazing new content for your creative blog.

Whether you paint, sew, glue stuff to your face, this challenge will work for you.

Exclusive to members of GESSO, simply choose from 5 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Difficult, Extreme and complete the blog post prompts set out in the challenge by August 31st 2019, 12 MIDNIGHT UK time.



The challenge can only be attempted by members of GESSO. This is so we can track who is participating and share your wonderful content and artwork with the world through our blog, newsletter and social media. If you want to take part, simply apply to join our fun little community.



The challenges are separated into 5 levels of difficulty. Each challenges compromises a list of blog post prompts and tasks that must be completed within a set period of time.

BRONZE AWARD (EASY): 12 Blog post prompts. Our Easy challenge. Perfect for anyone with only a little time on their hands or only wishes to post monthly, this challenge will ease you into posting regularly and provides you with a fun variety of themes and topics that will start off any creative blog.

SILVER AWARD (MEDIUM): 52 blog post prompts. If you're looking for something a bit more challenging, try our Silver challenge. 52 prompts for 52 weeks of blogging maybe? Covering all the basics of a good creative blog this challenge is perfect for anyone wishing to establish themselves as a quality online creative without demanding too much of their time.

GOLD AWARD (HARD): 100 blog post prompts. Our Gold challenge will push you to create an amazing variety of posts for your website as well as encourage you to try things perhaps out of your comfort zone. 100 blog prompts cover a range of topics that will give your blog structure AND personality. It'll keep you busy, but if you're serious about your creativity, well worth the commitment.

PLATINUM AWARD (DIFFICULT): 365 blog post prompts. Looking to fling yourself into the next league of blogging? Try the Platinum Challenge. It's Difficult for a reason. WOW. 365 posts within a year. BUT... you're allowed to include previously posted content that's up to 3 years old. So if you see a theme you've already written about last year... you can include it. PHEW! Will you be brave enough to try this one?

DIAMOND AWARD (EXTREME): 365 blog post prompts (NEW CONTENT ONLY). For the bravest of bloggers, our Diamond challenge requires you to produce 365 blog posts of new, original content. Absolutely no previous content allowed. This is daily blogging at its most extreme and I recommend caution, lot's of coffee and planning ahead! But look at that pretty award badge. Achieve your Diamond Award and you'll be a creative blogger of legend. GOOD LUCK!



Head over to the GESSO library and enter the password provided in your confirmation email after you joined GESSO and subscribed to the newsletter. There you will see each of the challenge pdf. files ready to download. Click on the one that interests you and voila. It should begin to download where you'll be able to view it on your pdf. viewer or print it out. (Bonus tip: The documents have a section to add your post urls as you complete them so you can keep track.)



You win a gloriously cheesy award badge that you can display proudly on your blog, CV... you could even print it out and frame it.

Other perks include:

  • the possibility of being featured in our newsletter/social media
  • being showcased on our blog,
  • bragging rights,
  • adding some incredible new content to your website which is going to maximise your visibility on google, improve your SEO and maybe make you a creative billionaire over night.

Just committing to doing something for yourself and your wonderful blog is an achievement. You CAN'T lose.

Long term we are planning to create one of a kind awards such as 'Most Helpful Blogger', 'First to Complete', 'Best Hair' or something which a panel of judges will award to participants based on their performance. If things kick off we may even start including real life prizes... How cool would it be if we had enough people participate that I could justify giving away an iPad Pro or web hosting for a year. DYKWIM?

Need any more convincing? Here's what our members have been sharing in the #gessocreatives hashtag on instagram:



To participate in our challenge and qualify to receive a shiny award badge you must:

  • Be a member of GESSO: Primed Creatives
  • Complete your chosen challenge between 12:01am August 1st 2018 and August 31st 2019 12 midnight, UK Time.
  • Follow the rules of your chosen challenge.
  • Blog posts do not need to be completed in a particular order or posted at set times. They just all need to be on your site by the time the challenge ends.
  • Please tag GESSO: Primed Creatives in your blog posts or social media either with a dedicated tag, using the hashtag #gessocreatives or link to our website so we can be 100% sure your blog post is a challenge submission.
  • Provide GESSO with evidence of your list of blog posts and which blog prompt they correlate with by 12 midday of September 3rd 2019. (simply email us your completed PDF.)
  • Awards will be distributed once your entry has been submitted and verified. This may take a few days.
  • You agree to be a kind, legal blogger. Any copyright infringement, theft, abusive content or cheating will have you immediately ejected from GESSO and the challenge. Play fair or get out!
  • At the end of the day it's a twee little blog challenge and if you cause drama or we can't verify your posts in an easy and straight forward manner because you're playing games trying to manipulate the system we simply won't allow you to participate. Life is too short.
  • The challenge is open world wide.
  • If you wish to have your work considered for features or shared on our social media please hashtag everything #gessocreatives or email us at and we'll find you.
  • Please share the challenge with your followers, friends, pets and their friends. GET IT OUT THERE.