A community for bloggers who create


I know what you're thinking. ANOTHER community for bloggers?!

Well, we think we're unique.




GESSO is a small, very new community of artists, designers, illustrators and makers, and our priority is ALWAYS: making first, blogging second,

We are amateurs, hobbyist's and professionals who use our website to showcase our talents, services and creativity, taking the very best parts of blogging and social media to live our best creative lives.



GESSO is our way of connecting, collaborating and staying creative within a supportive, super-friendly group of fellow artists, whether they draw, vector, stitch, write or craft.

With our online group, newsletter and blog we pool our resources, ideas, talents and opportunities together to ensure we maximise our online potential as creatives, meanwhile build solid friendships both personally and professionally with people who 'just get it'. It's a lonely world out there for freelancers and it's our hope that this group alleviates some of that disconnect.




GESSO listens, and we invite all our members to contribute to it's management and direction. Got an idea for how to make the group better? Let us know. Fancy leading a project or setting up a weekly Twitter chat. Let's do it. This group is here for YOU.

Currently GESSO offers for free:

  • A support network of like minded individuals across the world (but mainly in Europe atm)
  • Our collective talents, knowledge, skills and experience. Invaluable right?
  • A blogging challenge which offers a variety of prompts and challenges that will help you create a rich, personal creative blog to be proud of.
  • Dedicated blog and social media outlets featuring GESSO members content and creations.
  • A round-up newsletter that helps keep you in touch with what's happened in the community, what collaborations have been requested, what ideas we have...

And that's just for starters. Long term we have so many plans... meetups, workshops, an annual Christmas Party. 

Sounds good right? Just check out our Instagram account for a peep into what we get up to:




GESSO members are:

  • Bloggers or starting a blog. You MUST have a blog. The purpose of this group is to connect online with other people in our field and to build on that.
  • Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Crafts-people, Sewers, Knitters, Makers, Painters, Whatever you want to call yourself. If you make stuff and blog about it, GESSO could be for you.
  • Involved. Lurkers not welcome. You join us with the expectation you will get your hands dirty and take part. Inactive members are removed.
  • Passionate. Whether you do this for fun or professionally, there is a place for you. 



Check out our blog for current news, events and challenges or follow our Twitter account. That's a great insight into what GESSO is about and what we're doing.

Then why not check out some of our members below to get a really good idea of who we are?

Fancy joining yourself? Head over to our contact page to send us your application. (It's not as scary as it sounds. We just want to know a bit about you and ensure you're going to get the most from GESSO).